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Welcome to the Mack Shack!

The Shack is a cart, on which we prepare the finest breakfast burritos in downtown Vancouver! If you haven't heard of us around town, or smelt the free aromas of food+love wafting from 7th street, then let me give you the low down.

108 E 7th St
Vancouver WA, 98660


Eat To Be Nourished, Not Just Fed

We are a mobile food cart in Vancouver, WA, currently serving breakfast burritos, tacos, gluten free bowls, and something we call the "naked" burrito (scramble on a bed of spinach). Regularly located in Vancouver's first and only community based food park, know as Columbia Food Park on 7th street between Main and Broadway!

Mack Shack was started in August, 2017 by 23 year old local, AndraLea Mack. AndraLea has been in the food industry for 5 years working in "get-away" cabin kitchens in remote mountainous areas, as well as wedding catering with her Mom in the family business As You Wish NW in Vancouver.

"Cooking has always been a passion of mine, and since the first food truck I ate at I've dreamed of opening my own, but never thought it was possible until Alex (Columbia Food Park Owner) offered me a spot in the Park and told me of a cart available to buy."

If you haven't guessed by now, the name "Mack Shack" stems from her last name. Inspired by her family's affinity for small businesses, and her Mom's amazing cooking, she chose the name Mack Shack to honor her family name. This combined with the notion that you can find comfort in a cabin. A shack in the woods might be hiding the most pleasant memories, and amazing food, always cooked with love.

So stop by the Park, or follow us on Facebook to keep up with events and pop-up locations. We'll be waiting for you at the Shack.

Columbia Food Park

Mack Shack is embedded in the newly opened Columbia Food Park. The park features 4 active vendors sharing a space

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